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One night while swimming in the ocean, an angel named Michel appears cars 2 3d and tells Lucia that

Yo, otaku and otomes. This picture cars 2 3d is dedicated to fans of kodomos - anime children. Today we know Mermaid Melody. Let some pictures, a synopsis of the story, the first episode of the anime and coloring cars 2 3d pages. cars 2 3d

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch (M meido MerodPichi Pichi Pitchi) is a sh jo manga and anime series created by Michiko Yokote, with artwork by Pink Hanamori. The manga was originally published in the monthly sh jo manga anthology Nakayoshi. There are 32 chapters published (including two special stories), plus 7 volumes published by Kodansha.

An anime series of 91 episodes was produced by TV Aichi, divided

into two seasons, aired in Japan from April to December 2004 de2003. The first season consists of 52 episodes, while the second, entitled Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Step Pure, lasted for 39 episodes.

Lucia Nanami may appear to be a normal girl of 14 years, but in fact is the Mermaid Princess of the North Pacific Ocean. cars 2 3d She is on a mission to land to find their long lost the pearl to participate in a rite of passage among the mermaids. At the same time, strange things been happening at sea. A group of sea creatures are attacking the kingdoms of the oceans and some mermaids cars 2 3d princesses are disappearing.

Lucia then have the task of bringing cars 2 3d together the seven mermaid princesses together so that they can summon Aqua Regina, the goddess of the sea and defeat the demons of the sea. At the same time, Lucia romantic face challenges trying to win the heart of the boy Kaito Domouto, whom she saved from drowning several years ago and demand for fashion mermaid Lucia, which is completely different from its appearance in human form, not to mention that she tells him that she is a mermaid, mermaids cars 2 3d second law, it will melt and become foam of the sea.

The second season, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure, begins when Kaito decides to go to Hawaii on a surf competition cars 2 3d and has an accident in the ocean, thus losing his memory. Meanwhile, a new mermaid princess is about to be born, she is Seira, Sara heiress, who must ensure that Lucia is born safely.

One night while swimming in the ocean, an angel named Michel appears cars 2 3d and tells Lucia that is on a mission to stop the evil that humanity has caused to the planet and want the collaboration of the sirens in his crusade. Lucia refused, cars 2 3d thus forcing Michel trying to steal his powers to use on your own, but manages to escape. Meanwhile, Kaito is rescued by a girl named Mikaru Amagi who is in love with him, and his life becomes a nightmare when she discovers Kaito remembers everything except who Lucia and the other mermaids are.

Loved the Project Kodomo q but I have many pictures for coloring, q did get the post and the giant business cars 2 3d anitube was kind of ugly, could have some things well and tb fluffy banter typical of Japan Delete Reply

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