Sunday, July 14, 2013

Black Lagoon Episode 1 with screencaps

BLACK LAGOON is an anime series of twenty-nine episodes animated by Madhouse based on a manga series of the same name by REI HIROE, and follows the adventures of Rokuro "Rock" Okajima, a Japanese businessman who is abducted by, and eventually joins a group of outlaws known as the "Lagoon Company".

Screencaps under cutRokuro Okajima, in the beginning: an ordinary Japanese man.

The Lagoon Company's Revy and Dutch

The stopover: The port city of Roanapur

To Rock's surprise, he was invited for a drink at the Yellow Flag bar.

Their client: Balalaika, the head of Hotel Moscow and a part of the Russian Mafia. She informs the Lagoon company that Kageyama, Rock's superior, hired a mercenary group to attack the Lagoon Companyin Roanapur.

The mercenaries attacked, and Rock witnesses Revy's prowess at guns for the first time.

They escape to the Black Lagoon once again.Rock has yet to learn not to piss Revy off.

Rock then receives a call from his superiors telling him that they're letting him that he'll be declared dead "for the sake of the 50,000 employees" of his company.

While he mourns this, Black Lagoon is attacked:

Rock decides he's had enough and tried to escape, but Revy's having none of that.

Enraged at the sudden turn of his life, Rock lashes at Revy.The episode ends with Rock throwing a gun up at the chopper. Revy almost looks sympathetic...almost.WHAT'S UP WITH THE SUDDEN SCREENCAP HABIT? I DUNNO. SOMETHING TO DO WHILE WATCHING.

The anime's not all new, I've come across images of it and a friend has cosplayed a character from it some years ago. But I've only taken interest this year ^^;

So I've caught up with Seasons 1 and 2 plus the OVA,and now I'm going to dip my hands into the manga... anyone has any opinion regarding this anime/manga? Speak up :) I'm posting a commentary later on.
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