Friday, July 12, 2013

Black Lagoon (season 1&2)

I feel so guilty for not watching anime recently. By recently i mean 3 days, thus i suffered from anime withdrawal. I happened to come across one of the animes which i watched when i was younger.

The first i time i watched this series i didn't find it all that amazing. But rewatching it made me think of it in a new light. I understood the plot much more and somehow started liking the violence and bloodbaths this show provided for me. The action is probably the best i've seen so far. Best as in giving me a heartpounding experience and making me squeal in delight as the characters kick some butt.

This story starts out with Rokuro Okajima, a salaryman in Japan who is sent to deliver an important package under the instructions of his bosses. Unfortunately, the trip was hijacked by pirates who were hired to steal that package. And even worse for him, they take him hostage. Meanwhile his superiors decide that the best way to deal with this unwanted situation is to dispose of the package, along with their worker.

They send men from ex special forces to eliminate the pirates with him on board. He decides to help them as he feels some sort of a connection to these people. The crew of lagoon (boat), Dutch the captain, Benny the brains and the notorious as well as dangerous Revy- also known as two hands. Referring to him as Rock, they opt to follow through with a insane plan to kill their pursuers.

After coming out in one piece they arrive at the dock where they give the package to their client. Rock isthen approached by his boss to go back to Japan. Rock has a change of heart after the blood pumping experience with the crew of black lagoon and returns with them instead, to the fictional town of Roanpur.

Although some parts of the anime may be gruesome, i think its a good classic which never fails to bring up that prehistoric side in all of us, the side which just loves cruelty and bloody violence. If you are looking for a action piece, this is definitely the one for you.

Dangerous but sexy gals of Black lagoon

The fights are not just limited to guns, there is also a fair amount of different killing weapons such as knives, chainsaws, blowtorches and even bare hands. Revy's cutlass action is awesome and Balalaika is the scariest woman i have ever seen. Period.

The woman i admire the most is obviously Revy, though i second Balalaika. Okay let's admit it, revy is a sexy beast and have you heard her logic? Respect dudes, respect. Oh and have you seen Eda's blue eyes?

PLOT: 7/10



RECOMMENDATION: Highly recommended. 4/5
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