Sunday, July 21, 2013


So I'm finally updating after a really long time. I'm not even going to pretending that I'm going to be posting regular updates; but I can't sleep and I'm trying to keep my mind busy so I figured I would post something. As far as what's happened since my last post, new members have been added to my skype group, I've been catching up to some anime and manga, and I've been playing some games; recently Fire Emblem: Awakening. I'm going to cut this into sections of things I want to post about.

Skype Group; Friends

Three new members have been added to my skype group; Michael {aka Xeno}, Alex {aka Vega}, and Lee. Michael has become a huge part of the group and has integrated well. On the other hand Alex hardly talks at all. I have confidence that he'll get use to the group and participate more soon. Lee has hardly anything to do with the group and seems to have some issue with me. The main reason he is even still in the group is because he is TU's friend.

As far as other developments; we've started using a program called teamviewer to have I guess what you could consider group meetings. It mainly consists of the rest of the group watching me play games or browse the internet on my computer; but a huge part of it is Michael's dramatic readings of hentai.

Also, although I think I might of mentioned it last time, everything with me liking Gyteck is completely over.


I completed Kaiji, which is my new favorite anime. It's absolutely amazing. I also got caught up with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and I'm really exciting for the next season. I am currently catching up with Jormungand. My top 5 anime list has changed a bit; it is now Kaiji, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Hellsing Ultimate, Jormungand, and Black Lagoon.


I actually haven't caught up with much, only Deadman Wonderland. I plan on catching up with Dorohedoro, Gantz, and Bleach eventually.


League of Legends, the Mass Effect series, some random DS games, KoF XIII, Cube World, Wonderland Online, and Fire Emblem: Awakening are the recently played games that come to mind. All are pretty good~ I don't think I need to explain any of them except Wonderland Online which is an old MMORPG I first played when I was 12 and recently rediscovered and decided to play with the group. I love the gameplay in the game but tbh the most fun for me was matching the characters together. My pairings consist of:

My avatar {female, 3, 2, 2 ,2, 2 features; named Aku; asset strength and flaw resistance} and Virion

He definitely wasn't my first choice, but when I saw his support scenes I fell for him~

Sully, my favorite female character and Chrom

Cherche and Vaike~

Miriel and Lon'qu~ Gregor and Olivia~

Panne and Libra~ Maribelle and Henry~ Frederick and Sumia~ Cordelia and Stahl~ and lastly Ricken and Lissa~ You've probably noticed Tharja, Gaius, Donnel, Kellam, and Nowi are missing...Well I never recruited Tharja and Gaius due to me being stupid and didn't care to recruit Donnel. I dislike Kellam and Nowi as characters. Had I recruited Tharja and Gaius; I would of matched them together.

Lastly in games, I have started a Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker let's play with the group; the first part is up on youtube. I don't talk much, but you can enjoy Michael and Saad's commentary~

Mabye I will start updating this blog more, mabye I won't~
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