Saturday, July 6, 2013

[C] Money of soul and possibility control

Hehe i finshed another anime series. Well i'm short on time because its exam period so i apologize if it seems too short.Very epic anime, and the storyline is completely original. It wasn't adapted from any manga. I think that's part of the charm. Now onto the reveiw.Plot: I would say its very interesting but it can be hard to follow. Some episodes were pretty confusing.7/10Characters: I quite admire Kimimaro, he sacrifices so much in the show, and learns from his mistakes. I also find Mashu quite cute. 8/10Graphics: One of the few animes which really has some awesome backgrounds. The financial district is simply mind-boggling. 9/10Music: I warn you, you will be addicted. 9/10Well there you have it! On a side note, the opening was sung by  Nico touches the walls, and i must say that it is pleasing to the ears.Gah so moe! - Full Post

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