Saturday, July 6, 2013

Love Lab episode 1 (The age of yuri is here!!!)

I have been waiting for this! FINALLY! Yeahhhhh!The long awaited first episode is finally out, and it made some pretty good impressions on me.For one i am really excited because this is supposedly Yuri, and since there are so few pure yuri animes out there i was naturally excited. However, i hope with all my heart that this series will not become another Candy boy, because i would just go crazy.The moment i started watching this, i had a good feeling about it. And apparently i was right. The first episode had me laughing all the way through, and the progress between the two protagonists is simply amazing.The jokes were awesome, and the funniest parts were how the main character messes it up so badly; like holding hands. Is it possible to die of laughter and cuteness? I hope this question gets answers in the next episode. I am seriously looking forward to it. :) - Full Post

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