Thursday, July 11, 2013


Hey hey i finished another anime. I love this one.

Alright so i completed another series, this one is notably exciting and i'm on a roll.

The story revolves around Jonathan Mar or Jonah for short, who is hired by an arms dealer Koko Hekmatyar. The first episode reveals that jonah hates arms dealers because his parents were killed by state-of-the-art weapons used by the attackers. As the show goes on, i could see that his icy demeanor is slowly broken down by koko, helped by her personal elite bodyguards.

I would say that the characters make this anime more enjoyable and surprisingly enough, it has its own brand of humor and comedy. The jokes aren't really over used, and i kept laughing when the team realized that Jonah had no education at all! Their reactions were first class!

Another thing i love about this anime is the action scenes, it can be extremely exciting most of the time, but also horrifyingly suspenseful. I love how valmet fights, her knife action always makes me squeal like a fan-girl! Koko is also another one of my favorite characters, she seems mysterious and aloof but it is apparent that she loves her team very much and treats them like her family. I kinda guessed that she was seriously dangerous, and i think she has another motive for selling weapons.

Its time for a hunt boys.

Anyway, the graphics are really good and i say this because the gun fights and knife action is amazingly fluid. Awesomness overload. The way their feelings are shown through their faces is also great, a double bonus for me! Whoop whoop!

PLOT: Interesting. 8/10

CHARACTERS: They make the show better, and they are understandably awesome. Respect. 10/10

GRAPHICS: Fantastico! 8/10

RECOMMENDATION: If you liked black lagoon, you'll definitely like this one. 5/5
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