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"Hey, Hold The Bus!" (Where Have You Watched Your Anime?)

Last week, I did a post that involved wondering . As it turned out, . Ok, I should've known better. That post did yield some interesting findings (that may or may not have amused me), but one got me started on this article.

Using my phone as a camera *shakes head*

"Look, it's a laptop! And there's an anime airing on it!"

The obvious connection, however, is that my laptop sits on my desk, able to be carried from there to my bed to go watch anime. That's how I generally watch my anime. At my house, which I'm almost certain 99.9% of people watch their anime. (I have no explanation for the .1%. I just don't.). However, one comment made me go and think about where I have watched anime before. It's a lot larger than I thought:


Back before I did the whole blogging thing, I used to watch a lot of anime at conventions, especially of stuff I and I'm going to assume none of you have ever heard of (like Risky Safety. Yes, that was shown at a convention). I can't remember why I did that, I just know I did. Nowadays I don't go that much, unless it's for premiers (like Children Who Chased a few years ago at NYCC), or unless the con schedule is just that terrible.


Thankfully since I live in New York, premieres taking place here are often. Too bad I never bother that much since I rarely go to and watch films nowadays, though it's mainly because of price and then general worry about the film being worth said price. When it comes to anime though, it's very rare to have any around unless it's a Ghibli flick or at a film festival. Well guess what? The first anime I watched in theaters was The Secret World of Arrietty. The first anime I watched at a film festival was Wolf Children at . I will probably go watch The Wind Rises somewhere when it airs in February. And if there are any films that come out for a film festival, I expect to be there.

I'm getting used to watching anime in theaters I think.


I used to run an anime club for way too long back in school. But when we was there, we watched anime. I can't remember everything we watched, but we watched some fun stuff (Durarara!!, Blue Exorcist, Black Lagoon) and some duds (Tsukihime, Blood: The Last Vampire). There were a lot of things that stood out, but there were two I can pretty much remember immediately: one time, we ended up airing Summer Wars. I'll take everyone clapping at the end of the movie as a standing ovation. The second was when I tried to get everyone to watch Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. Why? 1) At the time, we were deciding what to watch 2) I actually heard decent things about it at the time. The showing might have lasted one, two minutes at best as everyone boycotted the show and before I knew it we probably watched something worse ok I don't remember but let's roll with this. Little did I know people in the blogosphere held the show so highly until you know, I started blogging.


My internet had been pretty terrible for a good point so I decided to go to the local library to go watch anime. With their superior connection, I was guaranteed to be able to stream any anime on 720p-

Well, that was a thought until I couldn't actually watch Space Brothers consistently. It would freeze considerably and slow down. I was able to play it on 480p reliably but I can also do that at home. So what this told me is that I have a crappy laptop. Well, not entirely too crappy, but just not at a level that I can watch anime at the best possible quality. I always say this -- feel free to disagree if you want -- but if you want to properly judge an anime, you have to watch it in the best possible quality if you can. Note the "if you can" -- it's not a requirement to hook it up to a surround system, on a 50-inch HDTV, or however you can produce the best picture quality or audio quality. It's just me saying that being able to watch something at 720p is different than watching it in SD, and if you have the money, a job, blah blah blah, then it's great you get to watch the anime in HQ. Of course, most anime will show itself to be terrible no matter what the quality, but at least you can say you watched it without any streaming issues and stuff.

I think I talked about that too long. Point is, the library let me know I need a better laptop. Probably.


I almost thought I never did watch anime on the bus. Then I remembered I went to Anime Boston. I ended up watching Grave of the Fireflies.

Not much more needs to be said there.


The limits of where I have watched anime know no bounds. I have watched anime outside my terrace doing the summer. It's extremely pleasant. I watched Rainbow. Rainbow is awesome.


So I've never watched anime on the train. (I've never had the desire to, plus the subways in NY suck). I've obviously never watched anime in family gatherings (please tell me none of you did. Unless your entire family are major anime fans, because that sounds like a story to me). I'm kind of curious where you have watched your anime. You don't have to tell me you watched your anime at a bar. That's TMI. Unless that bar story is awesome.

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