Thursday, January 9, 2014

Black Lagoon

After conversations between Garcia and Rock, as well as Fabiola and Revy, Garcia decides to follow Rock's plan, and Revy experiences unpleasant flashbacks from her past. The Black Lagoon arrives at its destination in the , and the Americans set out to complete their mission. In the jungle, they are attacked by Roberta, using her former employer's antique musket to fire . She kills several, but is severely wounded and loses two fingers. Garcia, Fabiola, and Lt. Shane come face to face with Roberta, and Garcia explains that she cannot redeem past sins by taking revenge, then fires blanks at both Shane, who pretends to drop dead, and Roberta, who reflexively fires back, wounding Garcia. The confrontation ends with Garcia laying in Roberta's arms and Shane ordering his men to stand down. Meanwhile, Rock explains his motives to Revy, and predicts his victory over Chang and future changes to Roanapur. As the wounded are carried onto the Black Lagoon, Fabiola takes her anger out on Rock by raging and firing a blank at him. Month later, Rock laments that nothing has changed in Roanapur after all, and Roberta, having lost an arm and a leg, and living in Garcia's mansion, meets the family of the victim of hers who had haunted her for so long.

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