Wednesday, January 29, 2014


All my life I have always wanted my own Aquarium.I think because both my brothers had aquariums or something like that.My favorite part is always the stuff inside of them.

So I bought one in Texas a few years ago and had my metal guy custom design a metal base for it.It has handles at both ends to pull it around and WHEELS on the bottom of it.I love the little blue diver guy.I want to make a custom Creature of the Black Lagoon one day to put in the tank.

Look at those wheels!So it could be posistioned next to any outlet in the house.I can always change it.It is not a static tank!I love my guy!And it has two big doors with two shelves for keeping all kinds of Aquarium stuff.

This was early in our time in Mexico.I traded our stove for my metal guy to make it.Heck we didn't need a crappy stove anyways since we had the cafe make all our food.
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