Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Creature From The Black Lagoon (GOMA: Monsters)

Another classic that holds up to the tests of time.

A scientist discovers a fossilised hand in a cliff-face of a here-to-fore unknown species of animal. He organises a research team to investigate, and their investigations lead them down-river to a lagoon, the titular so-called Black Lagoon. They get menaced by this strange creature, who seems to develop a fascination for the female member of the team.

So this film shows it's age a little bit with the script and dialogue, and also the way women are treated. But the story holds up, and the film itself is pretty good. There was a great camera move at the start that feels like it inspired Speilberg in Raiders Of The Lost Ark, but I may not be remembering that scene so well. But it wasn't static camera work, is what I'm saying, and the underwater shots were pretty good too.

I love the creature design, and I'd love to know more about the suit, as it seemed to have it's own contained air supply or something. It's a great look, but also seems to a good design and well made.

This is a film I definitely keen to see again, and one day to own.
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