Tuesday, September 3, 2013

6. Notes on Anime

1.Who says anime is just for kids?There are series out there on the market that are most DEFINATELY *not* for kids.

2. Don't settle for what broadcast television shows over here, whether it be Funimation, Adult Swim, or the like.Look on Netflix, look on CrunchyRoll .com, look on forums for things that might interest you.

3. It isn't all about a strange nobody suddenly becoming the center of a harem, although if you like that sort of thing, it's easy enough to find, it isn't all about giant robots or giant mecha suits fighting aliens or other giant robots or mecha-suits, although that is easy enough to find also.It isn't all about sappy neo-platonic love triangles/quadrangles/other geometric shapes, or on the flip side, weird hentai or tentacle rape -

4. Pretty much any genre you can imagine, anime has done something with it, in it, featuring it, re-imagining it, or turning it completely on its ear.

5. Explore some!Some of their best stuff is deeply complex, story and character driven, and as good as if not better than some of the western world's television dramas.The characters are easily recognizable, undergo complex changes during the course of a season based on interaction with other characters, and become likable, or hateable as the show goes on.Some get moments of catharsis, others get realization and retribution, and some get the end they richly deserve.

6. There is everything from quick one- to two-hour complete stories in a feature-film length movie, to long-running series of several years or more.They aren't even hard to find -- lots of anime is available for free from various cable providers, (0kay, technically, cable providers aren't free in the first place, and anime channels generally count in the special 'premium' channel line-up), lots of streaming video services have anime sections (Netflix, Hulu, etc.), online directly streaming (CrunchyRoll.com, et. al.), or if you already know some you like, there is the DVD market to get a lot of it already set for your region, and either subbed or dubbed.

7. Anime doesn't have to be a guilty pleasure any more - the success of the Disney/Studio Ghibli joint venture has shown that a wide range of people watch, like and enjoy what is available.Find more!if more people are watching, and asking for more to be brought over, we'll have bigger/better selections to choose from in just a few years.

8. Lot's of anime is filled with the same double byplay that still makes old Warner Brothers cartoons enjoyable to watch as an adult.The kids enjoys the action sequences, bright lights, etc. and the adults can get caught back up in the character interaction and "did they just say what I thought they said" that you've been missing.

9. Don't let a bad experience turn you off the media.Sure, Bleach is hyper-violent, and Elfen Lied even more soEden of the East isn't nearly so bad, Black Lagoon either -- want story? check out Fullmetal Alchemist, want realistic portrayals of relationships showing real(ish) people, complete with flaws, trying their best to get by and maybe making it? check out Nana

10. I could go on, and on (and on and on. you get the picture)but the point is, in just a little while, so could you!Give it a shot, sure, there is gonna be lots out there that just isn't your cup of teabut there is gonna be just as much lots that is.

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