Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back on the sidelines

After what has been a fairly long, fairly tough week, came the start of Goldie's football season and the prospect of many months of standing on exposed fields week after week, watching a game I struggle to understand while my back aches and my feet freeze. Being a good way along the scale towards total introversion means that the social element of talking to other parents is also something that eats energy. I feel guilty about it, and I believe that if I was a better mother I would be embracing the many positives of my boys involvement , but my response to the first league game of the season was something close to despair yesterday morning.

But in fact it's been a good weekend. Snake has a piece of sculpture in an exhibition, and we went along to the private view, and then for a meal with friends. Me and Goldie went cray fishing and river swimming (him, not me) with a big group of women and children and dogs. We spent Sunday afternoon with La and some friends of hers who are visiting, starting with tea and chocolate cake, and then going to the poshest hotel in town and drinking cocktails while practicing yoga moves between the antique furniture and discussing ideas for a Creatures From the Black Lagoon themed wedding.

Somehow, and I am counting myself as lucky, lucky, lucky, my back issue seems to have resolved, to the extent that I was about to join in with the yoga moves in a confined space before remembering that it was probably unwise. I am not sure how I have travelled from a constantly high level of pain and extremely limited mobility to just a slight stiffness in such a short space of time, but I am very thankful.

One quite beautiful thing. We went with Snakes mother and his sister to the funeral directors. Snake had searched for a piece of Chopin piano music that his father used to practice for hours, and in a small room in the centre of town I youtube'd it on my phone and it rang out, plunging the family into memories of Sunday mornings. Tears and smiles. Wonder, that it was possible to bring that time back.
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