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some animes.

Last summer, a friend of mine drew my attention towards anime series. Although I had watched some before (e.g. Yu-Gi-OH!), I had'nt really liked those with japanese audio and subtitles. But he showed me that watching series with subtitles is not uncomfortable at all. So I was really into animes since last may until september (then I stopped, because it took up too much time and I felt I had already seen all good series). Though it was only a short time, I have watched many animes. I want to write about some of them here, especially those, which are not so well known (so not something like Death Note). Please note, these are not all the animes I have watched, and not all my favorites (maybe I'll write a post about the best ones later). However, lets's start:


People always say you should start with the good things. Well, I'm not. I'll start with the worst anime I have ever seen, which is called MM!. This piece of shit is about a masochistic boy who joins a school club and is abused by the (female) club president. The episodes are full of torturements of the boy and how he likes the pain. There is also a pseudo-lovestory, which is not very fascinating and actually really dumb. I don't know, how I could watch every f***ing episode of this s***. It should be banned from this world. How can people possibly think of so much s***?!

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After MM! I thought there can not be a dumber anime. I knew I was wrong, when a friend introduced me to Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, the most senseless anime I have ever seen. Its aboutWell I can't even describe the plot, because there isnt a plot. Just this angel appering out of nowhere and abusing a normal guy. Additionaly in further progress of the story there are even more angels, but none of this actually makes sense. Although its just stupid, I liked it more than MM!, because at least there were some good jokes in it, which gave me something to laugh about.

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From the worst series, I want to now come to one of my favorites: Black Lagoon. It's one of the few action-(with "action" I exclude any series, which have supernatural or fantasy content) animes existing (besides Noir and Hidan no Aria the only one I know). I like the style of the anime and the weapons and action-scenes are designed really good. The series is about an japanese employee who, due to some circumstances, gets in contact with pirates and later joins them, because he is sick of his job. Unfortunantly, the 3rd season is just an OVA, so there is no real ending to the series. Still, its a very good anime worth watching for all action-fans.

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I don't really like series with supernatural or fantasy content (I'm more the slice-of-life/action-type). But there is one I enjoyed watching, Highschool DxD. Okay, mabye I just liked it because of the ecchi-contend, but still its a nice one. There is this normal highschool-guy who is is killed on his first date and is transformed into a demon. I know, it sounds crazy, but once you are in the plot you'll understand. A great anime especially for guys (don't know if girls enjoy ecchi), also with some good humorus scenes.

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Best Tsundere character: Hidan no Aria

My favorite character-type when it comes to animes is clearly the Tsundere-type. Mean on the outside, soft and charming on the inside. Many people say, the best implementation of this type in a series is Shana from Shakugan no Shana. I watched Shakugan no Shana (all seasons) and I was'nt satisfied with Shana. A much better Tsundere, in my opinion, is featured in Hidan no Aria (also: Aria the Scarlet Ammo) in form of Aria. She represents the seemingly cold-hearted but lovely person much better. Watch the Anime an see. Aria is one of my favorite charaters.

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There are many animes with good looking characters. I just want to write about one of them: Mashiro-iro Symphony. It's an anime not only with well-designed characters but also with a more or less good plot. A guy and his sister visit a new school for an experiment, in which a former girl-school should be transformed to one for both, male and female students. In their new school, they meet a bunch of new people and make new friends. Everything is combined with a love-story. I like the colorful hair of the protagonists and the facial design.Image source:


Although it's a scifi/fantasy anime, if you would want to watch one with a well-grounded plot, which is funny, sad, well-thought, features a nice setting and good characters, I'd definently recommend Angel Beats!. It's not my all-time favorite, but I was fascinated when watching it, because of the good plot, in which all adds up and at the end, there is a big suprise (I don't wnat to spoiler). The anime is really worth watching even for non-fiction fans like me.

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That was it with my list of some good, but mostly unknown anime. Mabye I'll do an other one later

Greets, Nat3
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