Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's almost Christmas again

Just a bit more school left, and this week is going to be the busiest one all semester. One final push and I'll get to take a breather. Two presentations in the same week by the time I'm done with this degree, I'll practically have the public speaking skills of Adolf Hitler. Christmas time though I don't have any set plans. I figure I'll spend it catching up on anime, and going out with friends for food and fun. Oh and of course waste money on Christmas shopping. I really need to start living more frugally like I used to, especially now that I don't have a job, and I don't really consider Yugioh cards a secure source of income. That, and I've been spending like a mad man on food lately, which I should really keep track of. I am in accounting after all, I should be in the habit of keeping my costs and revenues in check. Yosh! Good luck to me!

But since I'm already in the mood to ramble on about things that are going on in my life, I'll pull things from my head that I've done in recent memory and plaster them here!

I went to the EPL (Edmonton Public Library) book sale on Friday and Sunday to do my semi-annual ritual of raiding the manga and picking things up for a dollar each. I changed my strategy this year to finding only mint to near mint condition books because from my personal experience, any books with those library stickers on them are just impossible to both resell and repair. The mint condition books are pretty much brand new because I believe they were donations from people. I can't complain! This time I got nearly the entire set of Fruit's Basket all in pristine condition. Last year I managed to get the entire series of Black Lagoon in great condition. All sticker-less. Afterwards I come home and update the excel sheet I'm using to keep track of every volume that I have. I figure that eventually I will have a giant library, and will be able to have a huge shelf of manga to read when I get my own place.

I was more or less kicked off the Anime Club committee as treasurer because the president and I just didn't work well together. We always have contrary opinions, and arguments were commonplace. At first I was pretty bummed out about it because I felt like I wasn't needed anymore, but at the same time, I didn't really do much. I didn't see it much as a job where I helped manage a community, but more as an excuse to hang out with three of my friends on a regular basis and talk about stuff. Now that I'm just a regular club member like before, I feel much more at ease because I have been lifted from any commitments and responsibilities being an executive created. I've met many new great friends this year, and I hope they can become something very fulfilling and worth while. I've come to peace with my position in the anime club. It honestly feels like a second family to me, that I only see once a week.

Recently I've been really interested in competitive fighting games such as Smash Bros, Blaz Blue, and Street Fighter. I have two friends: Mike and Rob who are both into Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and I feel that I should learn how to play it so I can challenge them. When I first went to the Smash Bros club, I was amazed to see just how bad I was in the grand scheme of things. For someone like me, who has only ever played video games at a casual level, steps into a room full of competitive gamers, the difference can really be felt. It's an entirely different atmosphere, a whole new world. So I sought to improve my abilities, and it gets me really excited. I've also never really played arcade 2D fighters, so I don't even know how good I'll turn out to be, so I'm anxious to see just how far I can go. I remember that once I start playing a game that I get into, I simply will not put it down for anything. Back in the day it was 3DMM, and Age of Kings. There was a time where all I would play is Team Fortress 2, and Pokemon, Yugioh. So if I get hooked on some fighting game, I know that I will play it so much, that at the end I'll have to be good at it. It's also a fun thing to talk about with other people who are also into fighting games which I really wasn't able to do before.

I went to the ECEE with a couple of old friends, but kind of broke off from them because I ran into so many people that I knew. I got my picture taken from Christopher Lloyd as well as got a Toy Delorean signed for one of my friends. It was supposedly larger than the first ECEE, but I couldn't really tell the difference. It was still a hallway size, with a large vendor's room and a room designated for special guests to take your money for their autograph. I didn't end up spending much money here as usual because it's not really an anime con, so only about 30% of the merchandise was related to that, and only a small portion of that 30% were new ones that didn't make an appearance at Animethon and Otafest. Still, I had fun because after all, it's still a day of goofing off with friends surrounded by people who enjoy nerdy pop culture.

I started my tumblr blog "dimsumdragon" in Janurary 2013. It is now in the middle of November 2013. Over that interval of time I somehow managed to acquire more than 800 followers from 0. This is one thing that I am pretty proud of myself for, even though to some people it seems like a rather minor and insignificant, even easy thing to do. The problem is that I normally have difficulties staying committed to something for a long period, and being persistent with updating. I'm not sure if I have established much of a personality with my follower base, but I hope that people like what they see. I used to make text posts like these about my life on there, but it's switched exclusively to being imaged based because I believe that is what most people go to tumblr for; not to read about people'e lives, but to look at pictures of people's interests. It was that time when I decided to create this wordpress so I can separate my personal life with the otaku image that I have built on tumblr. I'm not sure how long I will keep updating my tumblr, or what my goal is. In one theoretical hand I could get an infinite amount of followers, making my job endless, but on the other hand, if I ever need to advertise or market something, I could throw it on there to get some public exposure.

More to come later when I think of it~
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