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Issue #22

October 31, 2013

North Republic Industries

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Pretty :3, Yeah right? Mostly

As you know or should know, we just had our General Elections, most recently and the one that mattered more than any other poll, really, is the Presidenital Run-off between Crescellia and Sethanon and Libertarian Washington and Hunteiria. And the result is a new President, after the Era of TNR, the winner was Crescellia with 17 votes to Libertarian Washington's 16, Crescellia just barely getting a majority with 51.5% Now we will have a new President, one who will lead us into the coming term. How will he do? How will he compare? Only time can answer those questions.

Before we go further I would like to talk about TNR administration and the most recent month, like most administrations it has had it's up and it's down, it's sideways, and it's conspiracies. And How will the region look at this administration in the future? Will it be good? Did it lack? Was it like fall of the Roman Empire?

When we started this month, things were not going well. Mytzonia, just resigned as Secretary of the Treasury, after being unable to work with TNR and disagreements, this caused Part One of the Financial Crisis of October Then not too long after Icamera resigned from being Undersecretary of Defense to an almost completely inactive military and before that Hunteiria went to the Senate, leaving as the Secretary of State. That coupled with some inactivity from from Icamera and from TNR, a little. And on top of it all the region was loosing nations left and right, dropping down into the bottom of the 160s.

However thanks to a few key people we were able to pull out. Lewis and Daniel was appointed Secretary of State and Undersecretary of Defense. He was able to bring back activity to those departments and get them going again along with the military. Together with his Director of Recruitment PDS and other recruiters they were able to stop the decline in nations and even get a few back, and was also to get the military moving again. However this meet some head butting and disagreeing with TNR on the Allied Defense Doctrine which was another Cabinet dispute and hurt the military. Crescellia, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, was able to propose a budget and get the region moving again however TNR still didn't appoint a Secretary of the Treasury, which hurt the department that and the transaction system has once again broke.

So as we look out as this most recent month, we ask ourselves. How was this month? How did this effect the entire administration? How will we look back on this later? Was it good? These can probably be answered now but also should be answered in the future as well as we come to the end of this era, we now begin a new one, with a new President. How will this one go? How many questions will I ask? What will happen? Will it be a good one? With time.


I'm in Despair!

Well, oh, my. Oh, my. Well I'm sorry for having taken so long away from the company and the newspaper. However I have been very busy both with RL and with NS and what time I got used it the best way I know how, I watched anime! I've had a lot of work, and then I have to take on two departments, and at least one that was failing. Not an easy task at all, but Got Sei Dank! we made it and everything is better, for the most part. Now here me out on the other side of things, I started writing an issue almost right after my last one, but I didn't like it and it got put on the back burner and eventually gone. Next yesterday I was writing again, having a good ole' time, finding awesome pictures, writing good. But then I go to save it on here. Come back today and Oh, my. It's gone. Dear God, it's gone. Tony, tony turn around I've lost something that can't be found. Now I'm writing it again, having to go back over what I've already done and lose all that time I could have been doing something else. Luckily though I was only two or three articles in but still! It's a conspiracy to ruin my newspaper. I report that if we never publish another issue, you know what happened. So now enjoy the rest of the paper and may you continue to like it!


TNR all alone

After Crescellia won the election and was confirmed by the Supreme Court, his job began and TNR's term ended. He gave on a winded, cold day to the masses that only 6 people were there including 4 of his split personalities and 2 people who looked lost but had too much pride to ask for directions. After he finished he was given what all former President's are, a coupon for vodka. He looked on his phone, he texted, who? He didn't know, he just send messages that went up to never go down. Perhaps they would go out in space, in the absolute dark, seeing the occasional hydrogen atom, perhaps there it would find it's answers. TNR continued to walk down the empty streets, it took all he had to stop himself from crying out into the night, the things he had wanted to say to her, the things he had hoped he would listen to. Every minute felt like forever. As he continued to walk down the road, he reached the train station and got on, no one but him. It snowed little flurries out side, he felt like he was losing something yet also drifting away. The trained stopped he go out and then pretended to wait for someone. He watched as the cherry blossoms fell, terribly out of season, slowly at speed of 5 centimeters per second. Would he texts ever reach that distant start? Would he ever hear it's voice? Would he ever be able to reach that place beyond the clouds, that place promised in his early days? He walked away with these thoughts slowly ebbing at him as he looked into the night sky and saw the stars oh so bright. The moon still lit his path, as he made his way down to the bar, where he would use the coupon and drown his sorrows Just one more time, one more chance, he thought as the tears started to flow and nothing could stop them.



What some people are calling them on the street after the Presidential run-off. Some senators were elected too. After a what might be said by some a hard election or rather a musical chair election, it more like it. Four seats were up, the winners are Free States, Daniel J. I. Stewart, Robertsonstan, and Brick Drakan. However with Daniel being appointed as the next Secretary of State, his seat will be filled by someone else, somehow. Next with Crescellia leaving to go on as the President, he appointed Kevo as his replacement, who was also in the election losing by just one vote. It might be interesting to see where this new senate will go and what direction it will take but let's hope that they will be active and that they will do more than vote!


Hello, Hello, Hello we are once again back for another addition to my favorite section. Remember that the names of the new ones are links to MyAnimeList were you can find more information, Synopsis, reviews, average score, Voice Actors, and more! Also I would be happy to talk about any series or movie that you might want to discuss. Also I have found out about a new anime site. Once again I shall list the names of those I have done. Also Lewis and Daniel is always happy to talk about anime with you. Or if you need to know some anime sites just ask! This time you will also be getting a Summer time edition! Why because with summer coming round you might just have more time to spend watching anime and reading manga not just short ones either. Also we have a couple new anime watching fans out there. We will keep up with these Summertime Editions for a while, while the summer and anime always stay in our heart. This might just be our last summertime edition sadly enough but I might just keep things the same and spice things up and put a couple new things in here.

Spice and Wolf

Nodame Cantabile

Code Geass

School Rumble

Honey and Clover


Great Teacher Onizuka

Eden of the East

Kimi ni Todoke


Ah My Goddess

Full Metal Panic


Kino's Journey

ef - a tale of memories

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya



One Piece

Guin Saga



Glass Mask (2005)


Cowboy Bebop

Angel Beats!

Usagi Drop

Itazura na Kiss


Ouran High School Host Club

Princess Jellyfish


Hanasaku Iroha

Skip Beat!

Kids on the Slope

Eureka Seven

Death Note

Black Lagoon

One Outs

Princess Tutu

Fullmetal Alchemist

Love Hina


Cross Game

Waiting in the Summer


What can we talk about this time? What not to! Anyways getting to the point. Movies first, three big directors have in the past year or so released new anime movies, Hayao Miyazaki with his The Wind Rises, Mamoru Hosoda with Wolf Children, and finally Makoto Shinkai with The Garden of Words. First let's start with the wind, this movie yet to be dubbed which probably will is said to be the last full feature fill of Miyazaki with him going into retirement. This movie has been nominated for an Oscar! or at least it will be, he has been nominated twice before with Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away, where Spirited Away won. To bad Howl didn't. I haven't seen this new movie yet but I plan to!

Next Wolf Children is planned to be dubbed pretty soon, if I remember. It is said to be a good film, I Haven't seen it yet. Plan to.

Then last is garden of words, I hear this is a shorter movie coming in at about 40 to 50 minutes, but it is said to be good. I haven't seen it yet but I might. It might be dubbed.

On to something else?! What else, I'd like to take the time now to go over the new series I will be recommending for this issue. I don't normally do this but I thought it might be good to start because maybe you want to know more about it or why exactly did I chose it or maybe I just wanted to fill room. But before we get there I want to say that last week the three anime I chose, Cross Game, Waiting in the Summer, and Psycho-Pass are all great anime! Please check them out or any anime on this list. Now let's go!

1. Sword Art Online - An anime that has perhaps seen both good and the bad reviews, people seem to be split on this anime for various reasons however I think a majority, maybe what do I know, think of it as good but failing in the end. So it's mixed but I want to tell you what I think or mostly think.

The Anime it's self it's good, really good. The Story is about a Virtual Reality MMO, Sword Art Online, the first of it's kind. It's this game everyone is looking forward to, before hand they ran the beta where 1000 lucky players where able to play and now 10,000 will get the first release of it on the first day. From there, they join and are enthralled by it, however soon they find out that there is no log- out button. The creator of the game calls them all together and explains that this isn't a bug but real not only that but this is life or death, if you die here you die in the real world too. Panic ensues, the only way out is to beat all 100 flours. And that is where it beings. It starts out great, with maybe just a little problem, how it jumps time, sometimes it can go pretty fast. However it is great the first half of the anime is wonderful, however it soon takes a little turn down after in the second half. It's good but not as. It has great characters, great music and sound, great animation, however it sort of doesn't make it where it should have gone, but that shouldn't take away too much from the entertainment and enjoyment of this series. It's not exactly perfect but it's good, great? I must say that if I was on a deserted island for the rest of my life but could sustain myself and could only bring one game, that's it nothing else, I would defiantly consider SAO if it was real.

2. Mirai Nikki (TV) --- Also known as future diary. It starts out with the main character writing in his diary being socially awkward. He has his imaginary friends and just writes all that happens around him in his diary. One day, the god of time, who he thought was just imaginary who turns out to be real, tells him that he is dying and he needs a successor, so he gives 12 "lucky" people, I think it's 12 or 11, future diaries. They are able to tell the future, all in different ways. The MC's tells him all that's happening around him, just like he was writing. Anyways the one who is left standing shall be the new god of time. This is where it starts, well actually they get the diaries first, I think, then he tells them. Anyways on to the next MC who is just as important per se and is the one you might know more than the other, Yuno, you know that pink haired, pink eyed girl with blood? Maybe? She loves Yuuki, the other MC. She's crazy, really crazy and yet not as crazy as I thought she would have been, she is likable perhaps to a point, I'm not sure. The Anime is really good, the characters, the story, the music and animation, all are good. The ending, confusing but I didn't hate it. Overall a pretty good anime, great? most people also seem to like this anime.

3. Crest of the Stars --- also known as Seikai no Monshou, this is an older anime about 1999 I think. The Story starts out on a plant controlled by man, somewhere in the galaxy, however here comes the Abh, kin of the stars. Come to take over the planet. Negotiations start and the planet surrenders in exchange for living and other things the MC's father is made Count of the area and his son Count-Prince. Then it jumps a little to where he is going to enter schooling to enter the army so that he can claim his title. Along the way he meets Lafiel. They become friends and the anime goes from there. Showing politics, war, and other thing along those lines. Romance. It's a good anime, characters, sound I really loved the ending song!, animation is a little old but not terrible. The ending was just like the end of chapter and probably because it has two sequels. the enjoyment of it is good, I liked it. An Awesome anime.


Join the Church of Northerntal. We also always looking for new members for the Clergy.

The Church of Northerntal can fulfill requests such as marriages, funerals, blessings, and etc.

So We hope to see you at Cathedral of the Light here in TAR or one of our other locations.

Thank you

Read Lewis and Daniel's blog - The Lewis and Daniel of Anime!This ends Issue #22 of The Messenger. We have come a long way because of your support! We thank you for reading and hope that you will read the issues to come. And Thanks to all of you who have said that The Messenger is better that the Imperial Tabloids it means a lot, and we hope that you will continue this support forever and always. We are right now the #2 News out there!

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