Saturday, October 19, 2013

Game Night Success!!

Apologies, but this particular journal entry will be a tad boring (hence how late I am in writing it).

What I did at SF:

* The Page (who is adorable) helped me cut out and laminate different types of pumpkin grins for my Pin the Grin on the Pumpkin game -- they look freaking hilarious and I love them I hope the game goes over well!

* I'm still working on my picture book project but the cataloger is incredibly backed up with all our new books so of course I have to wait. So in the mean-time, I'm creating Wish Lists in the new catalog for different categories that I hope to pull soon and I'm making their shelf tags (pretty much I get to find adorable pictures to represent the category).

* I made a display for the . They donated some picture books and flyers for the upcoming performance series (that includes things like Peter Pan, Stuck by Oliver Jeffers -- -, Junie B. Jones, and the Teacher from the Black Lagoon). So I made some posters and pulled some books. Overall it's kind of dull, but I didn't have much to work with (and that includes supervisory support haha).

What I did at Homestead:

Aside: It's a little weird now that Elaine is no longer my contact. The new director took over this past week and she seems nice enough (the kids all call her Miss Tina).

* I took a look through the Vault, attempting to clean it out, but there's just WAY too much stuff. I did discover lots of great art supplies, though!

* We had the BEST turn-out for game night that I've ever seen! (Admittedly, I've only been volunteering there for a month.) I pulled out games I thought would go over well and then walked around the library saying very loudly "Game night! If you wanna win, play me! I'm very beatable!" which got at least one kid interested. He challenged me to chess and if you couldn't guess already -- he won. I'm a very apathetic chess player. Eventually more and more kids came in (some may have actually skipped youth group this week but I can't be sure) and started playing with us (us = me and my classmate, Jill, who interns there). They had the headband-guessing game in the closet which is a lot like a party game I loved as a kid (thanks, Dad!) so I pulled it out and that was the real clincher, if I say so myself. At one point, Jill and I had 5 other kids playing with us, which is more than the total amount of people that usually end up at game night! There weren't any adults, but there were a couple more kids playing Mankala and at least 5 more playing computer games, but it certainly felt really awesome nonetheless

I had this idea to introduce a craft into game night (with the intent that it might bring more kids in -- craft as a substitute for food? -- and possibly rip the computer-lovers away from their screens for a bit). Tina okay'd the idea today so in 2 weeks (after I go to the PaLA conference this week -- see upcoming PaLA Conference posts!) I'll get to help pull together a fun activity! I saw plenty of beads and string and even key chain clips in the Vault, so maybe key chains will be my first proposal?
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