Sunday, December 29, 2013

BLOG -- My "Christmas" Wishlist

Now this is more of a fun entry for me -- I don't expect anybody reading this to buy me anything. Some of the stuff is kinda rare, so... no. Maybe this would give some of you a better idea of what sort of things I like (besides the usual video games and anime, though there is some of that). Even though I call this a Christmas Wishlist, it isn't good for just Christmas; it's good for any gift-giving occasion! ;)

With that said, here it is:

THE ALWAYS-GOOD-FOR-ME-GIFTS Now these gifts are always appreciated because I use / consume these throughout the year.


-: Sometimes I surprise myself with how much I buy from that place. I don't read that much... but I go there a lot.

-: Amazon's not my first choice when shopping online, but I can count on it to have decent prices for certain items, like DVDs, video games (though not often), and art books.

-: I go here a lot -- often to buy chips and other miscellaneous stuff.

-: My wallet cried a waterfall this year, with all the money I spent on this site. Even I feel sick from it.

-: I think we can all agree that I enjoy watching movies. If I could, I would watch movies in theatres more often.

-PSN: As long as the Playstation Network exists, I need this. I like to have some balance in my account all the time.

-POTATO CHIPS: If there was such a profession as a chip connoisseur, I would totally sign up for it! I. love. chips! Now, I do get a sweet craving every now and then, but my salt craving, particularly my chip craving, is so much stronger. My current favourite brands are Ruffles and Old Dutch. Flavours that I especially like are:

-Ruffles -- Sour Cream & Bacon

-Ruffles -- Sour Cream & Onion

-Old Dutch -- BBQ (it has such a hot kick, but not a spicy kick)

-Lays -- Dill Pickle

-USB KEYS / MEMORY-STORING DEVICES: I could always use more memory-storing devices.

THE EASY-BUT-LAZY-TO-GET These items I will most likely get myself down the line -- the big question is when. And the problem is if I hold out for too long, these could become rare and hard to get.

-VIDEO GAME ART BOOKS: I enjoy art books. I already have some, but with Udon ... my gosh, I want a lot! I am especially eyeing:

-Devil Survivor

-Persona 4

-Persona 4 Arena

-Shining Force Feather

-Monster Hunter Illustrations

-Monster Hunter Illustrations 2

-KINGDOM HEARTS HD REMIX 1.5 (PS3): I already have Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, and Chain of Memories on the PS2, so I don't really need this. I think that's why I've been so lazy with getting it.

-THEATRHYTHM (3DS): I was hesitant to get this when it first came out, but now it's creeping up on my want list. It's pretty hard for me to say no to rhythm games.

THE EASY-TO-FIND-BUT-EXPENSIVESo there's not too many items on this list. I often don't find myself wanting big ticketed items -- and if I do, I don't particularly want anybody getting them for me (unless it came from a group of people), or I just plan to get it myself. The most expensive gift anybody has ever given me... is the computer I'm typing on (thank you!).

-GOOD, WARM GLOVES: So I have a problem with wearing gloves -- they don't seem to keep my hands warm. The wind just blows right through and my fingers freeze. I often find it warmer to not wear anything at all and shove my hands into my coat sleeves. But I know there are gloves out there that can keep me warm! Gloves that are constructed just to deal with super cold weather. I also know those gloves are expensive, so...

-WII U: Well, I'm getting this eventually anyway. Once Smash Brothers comes out or Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem (come on, release!), I'm getting it.

-A GOOD MICROPHONE: I love singing. Sometimes I like to record myself singing on the computer. My problem is that my current microphone pretty much sucks. It seems to only pick up certain ranges and anything higher becomes static-like. Any "p" or "s" pronunciations (unless I'm far away) becomes static-like, too. I think I need a better microphone... Or do I need something else (like a soundboard)?

-BLACK LAGOON SOUNDTRACK: This isn't really that expensive... but $30 US for one CD is pretty steep. This price is normal for Japanese soundtracks, but at the same time, you gotta be really sure you want it. $30 could buy 2-3+ CDs here (in Canada).

THE HARD-TO-FINDI think I'm just listing these to show you some items that I really, really want. Hopefully I will be able to find these whenever I take my trip to Japan (please let me find them!).

-MUSHI-SHI SOUNDTRACKS VOLUMES 1 & 2: I absolutely loved the music to Mushishi. It sounds so sombre, unearthly, calm, sorrowful, intense, beautiful. Unfortunately, the CDs are long out-of-print. I do see listings for these on Amazon at eye-gouging prices, but... it's hard. For Japanese soundtracks / CDs / media, I have to order from a site I trust, or I run the risk of ordering a pirated CD. I have enough of those, back when I didn't know any better. Seriously, I don't need any more.

-KAZUMA KANEKO WORKS III ART BOOK: It was really unfortunate for me that this came out when I was unemployed. It was affordable then. Now you'd lucky to find it for $100. I want this book so bad -- and in ultra-good condition!

Last, but not least, TIME IS STILL THE BEST GIFT OF ALL FOR ME. There's nothing I enjoy more than a wonderful memory. Unfortunately, it's not something I can accept at this time (being so crazy busy myself >
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