Wednesday, December 18, 2013

10 Days of Anime Christmas

Ok. So originally this was going to bethe little buster refrain 9 and 10 review butit's really hard to review it and not mention spoilers and i do not want to spoil those two episodes because those are key episode in the series epically episode 10. I might hold of doing a review till the whole series is finished. All i have to say is Kengo i feel ya man.

This is the 10 Days of Anime Christmas!

I will explore the lands of anime andratingmy top series from years past and this year anime givingyoua indeptexplenation behind every one.

Seeing how its the first daylet get this ball a rolling.

Day one

Powerful Female in a Anime Seriesyou seen?

I've seen alot of anime with powerful females. Remy from Black Lagoon comes to mind as a very powerful female even to alot of otakus. To me however the most powerful female in any anime serieswould be Faye Valentine

What so powerful about her? you ask.Well beside she holds her own with the bebop crew. She'sdoesn't play victim whenever she does get kidnap instead she kicks ass and takes name(or money in her case). She is a modern dayFemm Fatale and reminds me of Fujiko from Lupin the 3rd.During one of the episode we learn a little history about her background but despite learning the fact that she was cryogenicalyfrozenand doesn't remembers a thing about her past she still doesn't let that fact slow her down.Even now if you ask some male otaku's who havewatch this show they would putFaye up there. Faye is a timeless, classic, character.She really doesn't depend on the crew that much(when she does it to bail her out of a bad situation), She a seductress, and she very good with her fist and a gun.Faye Valentine is one of the powerful female i seen in a anime series so far.
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